From Su Pan to Ban Ho and Nam Toong Village

For the tourist want to explore the remote village, you can get experience to start trekking from Supan village, which occupies the highland on the east side of the main road about 17 Km from Sapa town. Su Pan including 4 small hamlets of the Black H’mong and Red Zao looks down to the Muong Hoa Valley and is one of the poorest commune to Sapa due to the thin and poor soil. Duration trekking: 4-5 hours

From there you can trek through rice field terrace in paddy to reach Ban Ho village. You will have the opportunity to explore the Ban Ho village of Tay minority before crossing the suspension bridge over the river, where your guide will prepare a delicious lunch in a local house. The walk then continues through the rice fields to the Red Dao village of Nam Toong then heading back to Ban Ho and take a nice swim in the river nearby.
If you take 2 night homestay trip, Ban Ho village is a place for the second night after Tavan village. Overnight in the stilt house of Tay minority provides you chance to get more experience in the life of ethnic people