Ma Tra and Ta Phin – 2 village of H’mong and Red Dao ethnic

Lying some kilometers east of Sapa town lies a large oval shaped valley which is home to the H’mong and Red Zao of Ma Tra Village and Ta Phin Village

Following the main road from Sapa to Lao Cai for 4km, one can enjoy the panorama view of the whole valley, stretching for about 12 km with some low hills in the middle to divide the valley into two parts.
The closer part to the road is area of Ma Tra village and the further one is Ta Phin village where the Red Zao and Black H’mong share the land. The H’mong occupy the higher land on which they built narrow terraced rice paddies while the Red Zao cultivate larger and flat fields around the center of the valley.
You can differentiate two group by their traditional ways of dressing and the handicraft they produce. If you take this trip visit Ma Tra and Ta Phin at the same time, it will provide you chance to visit the local school where many young children are studying in a very simple house.
Duration trekking: 1.5 hours